The Inner Game of Being On Stage: Six Powerful Techniques To Be At Your Best When It Really Counts

The most overlooked fact about being on stage is that there is no more powerful ingredient in the success of your presentation than your own mindset. 

If you’re relaxed, willing to be vulnerable, and have confidence in what you’re saying and who you are, that will shine through to your audience. If you’re anxious, worried, overconfident, or holding back in any way, that will shine through to your audience.

Put simply, performing on stage in front of an audience will completely expose the healthiness of your mindset. Every. Single. Time. 

Yet, the mindset of being on stage is rarely talked about or taught. It’s so ironic that the very thing that drives your success on stage more than anything else is so under-recognized. 

I do a lot of work with leaders and entrepreneurs on the mindset of living a fully realized life, often including being on stage in front of large audiences. 

Here are six powerful techniques that I teach executives and entrepreneurs: