Six Reasons Why Santa is a Better Leader than Donald Trump

1. 100% Enthusiastic Engagement With What He’s About

In spite of the union’s best efforts, Santa’s elves are so wildly enthusiastic that they refuse to accept any pay. This makes sense because if you think about it, other than the (mythical and unreal) elves presented in The Lord of The Rings, have you ever seen an elf that wasn’t eternally cheerful?

It’s actually more than a little creepy just how saccharine they are. But really, it’s not any creepier than the religious zealotry you often experience when talking to an Apple employee. What’s more, not one of Santa’s elves has ever committed suicide due to working conditions.

Contrast that with the very polarized reaction to Donald Trump. When was the last time you heard any stories about Santa pissing anyone off? Or when has anyone accused Santa of misogyny? Racism? Unfair or unethical behavior? Name-calling?

I’m tempted to rest my case here, but there’s so much more to say…