Unshakeable Influence: Mastering the Inner Game of Leadership Book

“Required reading for all C-Suites”

Michael Carboy, Former Executive Vice President, OC Oerlikon


Patrick Lough, Vice President, First American

“Packed with insightful truths”

John Grover, Chief People Officer, Endsight


For decades, business leaders have been focused on the external impact having influence affords them — how influence affects others in the race to have it all. Fame. Fortune. Turnarounds. Buyouts. Acquisitions. Mergers. Each of these outcomes is directly correlated to how much influence is in play. 

What has not received anywhere near enough attention in the leadership conversation, however, is what it takes to achieve Unshakeable Influence. Unshakeable Influence requires winning the Inner Game of Leadership more than the outer game everyone sees. The outside world is fickle, at best. When we have an unshakeable inner game as leaders, the outer game tends to flow pretty easily. When our core as leaders is shakeable, everything we create from that place is unstable.

Through exhilarating, relatable, and entertaining stories about motorcycle racing, Unshakeable Influence explores and examines what mastering the Inner Game of Leadership is, what it looks like, and what it means for leaders and the organizations they work for. The book also provides practical tips for recognizing, responding to, and optimizing what is going on inside us. 

True leadership power really comes down to how well we can influence others by carrying ourselves in a way that inspires, motivates, and brings out the best in everyone – including ourselves.

Unshakeable Influence reveals how to relate to ourselves in new and more powerful ways by showing exactly how to maximize what’s inside of us so that we not only lead in a whole new way but also live in a whole new way.

Praise for Unshakeable Influence: Mastering the Inner Game of Leadership

“In UNSHAKEABLE INFLUENCE, Daniel Kimble quickly grabs attention with adrenaline-filled racing stories then hands us the keys to build our own best and authentic leadership by learning to manage ourselves with introspection and self-honesty, and building trust while racing wheel-to-wheel at 100 miles per hour. “ 

– Patrick Lough, Vice President, First American

“UNSHAKEABLE INFLUENCE is captivating through illustrations on how each of our actions and behaviors influence our leadership capabilities – and in turn, our resulting personal and organizational successes or failures. Daniel provides convincing and entertaining examples demonstrating ways in which we can improve results and satisfaction by balancing our mind, heart, and soul.” 

– Brett Penzkofer, Vice President, Meritor, Inc.

“UNSHAKEABLE INFLUENCE does what no other business book out there does: it helps leaders master their rarely spoken about “inner game” to enhance their ability to influence. Finally! A practical resource that teaches us how to take what all of us have inside – our thoughts and feelings – and maximizing them to be effective 21st century leaders.” 

– Katherine McGrady, PhD, President and CEO, CNA

“I raced through UNSHAKEABLE INFLUENCE – it’s a real thrill to learn from a framework that shows me both how to be a better leader and a better person. Unshakeable Influence is packed with insightful truths about the human condition and practical suggestions for how to improve our leadership capabilities.“ 

– John Grover, Chief People Officer, Endsight

“Daniel shares a practical and powerful argument: our power and influence arises from not just our own excellent work, but from our absolutely essential inner game that steers our actions. He reminds us that our authentic and powerful leadership derives from our inner bearings and stability, not from our corner office. His guidance on cultivating that winning inner game should be required reading for all C-Suites.” 

– Michael Carboy, Former Executive Vice President, OC Oerlikon
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